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Barrobjectif is a photographic exhibition which takes place each year in Barro, a village just south of Ruffec  on the Charente river. This year (2012) is its 13th year and it takes place between 22nd to 30th September.

About 900 photos are being exhibited by photographers from all over the world. It is free and it is really good, so if you live in the area you have to go and have a look. If you are vaguely interested in photography then you will love it and if you are not then you will still find it really stimulating.

What I liked was the variety of subjects and techniques on display. There are a lot of photo journalists exhibiting their work so there were photographs of Francoise Hollande, Afghanistan, Libya, The 2010 strike by Refinery workers… remember there was a petrol shortage… and there were other topics covered which get less publicity but are none the less of considerable interest such as the treatment of women in prisons and  shots of a community of Vietnamese living in Lot et Garonne. There were some travel photographs and one set I particularly liked was of a journey on the  Railway from Moscow to Beijing ( a journey which I did some years earlier) and there was a very good amateur photographer who was exhibiting photos of Charente… not a bad subject! My favourite set of photos in the whole exhibition were by Frederic Gerard who had some stunning photos of New York and San Francisco. My wife also liked them the best. she considered that you could really feel what it would be like to be in New York just from looking at the photo. I agree but also liked the technical skill with the foreground showing every detail whereas in the distance it became just slightly more mellow which emphasised the perspective.

So here are some of the photos with the biographies of the photographer concerned, but there are only 5 out of about 30 so you have to visit and see for yourself. Also apart from the photographs, Barro is a really picturesque little village ,and I could not help but take a selection of photos from around the village, some with the photographs on display and others without and in the second half of the slide show you can see some of these.

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