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By chance I have recently read five books which, whilst all different, provide an interesting historical background to France and would be of interest to anyone living here. I say by chance because 4 of them came from the Oxfam shop and one was lent to us, but they do all hang together quite well. You can probably get most of them on Amazon.

The Devils of Loudun was my least favourite and is the one which is set furthest back in time – the 17th century- but it is worth a read.

The French Revolution is well written and obviously covers a later period – the 1790s. You soon start thinking whenever a new name is mentioned that he will have his day and then fairly soon he will be denounced and his head removed and someone else will take  over only for the same thing to happen to them and so on.

The Discovery of France is fascinating and has lots of information that is probably not widely known or acknowledged. It spans 1500 to 1918 but  devotes more time to the later years.

Celestine is a wonderful book about an English woman buying a house in France and discovering some old letters in it, which sets her off on a quest to research  the village and its people. It is a must read for everyone living here. It covers the last 200 years.

Finally Petain’s Crimes which obviously relates to the 20th century and  is a real eye opener.