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Originally Robins were called Red breasts and then someone decided to give them a name and that was Robin, no doubt because robin red breast tripped off the tongue quite easilly and calling him Cuthbert or Simon would not have caught on. Eventually the redbreast bit has more or less been dropped and they are now just Robins.

We could do this for some of our other birds ??? How about Billy Blackbird and then they might end up being simply Billys. Tits were known as tom tits in the past but they have not become Toms and Sparrows are sometimes reffered to as spuggies but that  is not a name like Tom or Billy.

Anyway the reason for this post is because we have a young Robin visiting the garden at the moment and he/she is just getting its red breast. We do not have much about at all at the moment, just some Blue tits and Great tits Nuthatches and Woody Woodpigeons. There are calls from woodpeckers and I have seen a couple of Black Redstarts, there are buzzards and swallows overhead but compared to May and June it is pretty poor.