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This year is the 25th anniversary of Le Tour de Poitou-Charentes. It is a four-day event  made up of five stages.

Stage 1 on Tuesday 21st August and is from Villebois-Lavalette to Royan (182 Km)

Stage 2 on Wednesday 22nd August is from Royan to Melle (199.2 Km)

Stage 3 on Thursday morning is from Pleumartin to La Roche Posay (99.4 Km)

Stage 4 on Thursday afternoon is a time trial around La Roche Posay (22.1Km)

Stage 5 on Friday 24th is from Melle to Poitiers (188.8Km)

So with all the interest generated by our Bradley in the Tour de France and seven gold medals for cycling events in the Olympics with Sir Chris Hoy and Bradley, to name just two, doing so well  I expect a lot of us will be getting out to experience a little local excitement when the Tour de Poitou Charentes comes near to our patch. To have a close look at exactly where it is going click this link. Tour de Poitou Charentes route.

By the way I have a tenuous connection to Bradley Wiggins which I will share with you. Several years ago when I ran the East Anglian Field Study Centre his brother  came on an ecology course with St Augustine’s School and we spoke about Bradley who was at that time just becoming known  so I feel I almost know him!