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Only last week I found an enormous spider called Lycosa narbonensis,in the garden and it was the first one I had ever seen. Now I have found another large impressive spider, this one called Argiope bruennichi it is commonly known as the Wasp spider for obvious reasons. I have seen these many times before when I lived for a few years south of Barcelona, but I have not seen one before in this part of France.

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It is not as big as the Lycosa but is quite striking due to its yellow and black markings. It is about 14mm long (body size excluding legs). This spider is a member of the group which make the typical orb spider web. This species produces a zig zag band of silk normally from the centre of the web down to the bottom, which is thought to add strength to the web. According to wikipedia there has been an influx of these spiders into southern Britain recently, so possibly it has spread more into this part of France as well.