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Farmers in Poitou Charentes are experimenting with new production methods to increase output of the very popular local cheese, Mottin Charentais. This involves cutting out the middle man ie cows and converting grass directly into cheese. This is, at present,  in the early stages of development but I was lucky enough to get a few photos of this process before the bulk units were removed from the fields to the maturation depot.

Early taste tests indicate that it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between this new method of production and the traditionally produced cheese. The big advantage to this process is that there is a far greater conversion of biomass from grass to cheese when the cow stage is cut out. Also of course the time-consuming milking process is no longer necessary.

Funding for this project is mostly in the form of an E.U. grant, which has caused some consternation among UKIP members in GB.

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