Well! Who would have thought I would ever be writing a blog on a cookery book! Even more remarkable- a vegetarian cookery book! If you know me then it is remarkable. But it is also a time of plenty in the vegetable garden and if like me you grow tomatoes, aubergine, peppers and courgettes then you are well set for an Ottolenghi experience.

All Vegetarian recipies

So what is so special? Well it is simply that it tastes good. I have nothing against vegetarian food but can’t see the point in trying to create a sausage using  some fungal curd, and although quite a lot a vegetarian dishes taste OK  to be honest they would often  taste better in my opinion with the addition of a small meat element. Often something as simple as crispy bacon would really lift a bland bulgar wheat and sunflower seed mish mash.

OK- cut it short before I upset too many committed vegetarians….. you notice I say vegetarian rather than veggie, because I think the shortened term is bordering on insulting.

Meat and veg recipies

Yotam Ottolenghi is a chef, writes in the Guardian, has restaurants and is a meat eater but has published a second book which contains entirely vegetarian meals. I have not eaten every meal in the book yet but I have had quite a few and they are all excellent. Their success depends a lot on the blend of colours and textures but the recipes also contain subtle blends of herbs and spices.

Give it a go.  If you are a vegetarian then this book, I would say, is a must. It will liberate you from the doldrums of tofu and PGV (or is it TGV or PMT?)  the textured protein stuff- you know what I mean! If you are a meat eater it will probably do you good to cut back a bit on the amount of meat you consume, most of us eat more than we really need.

And yes I know its Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)

One my wife prepared earlier.