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These are photos of the town which will obviously have prospered over the ages from having such an important abbey church at its centre. It has some impressive houses and is situated on the river Gartempe which has two bridges, the old one and the new one.The old one was built in the thirteenth century but I do not know when the new one was built.

Old Bridge

I did my usual and took quirky little photos of plants growing out of walls and a fading advert on another wall for the aperitif Suze. These adverts are known as ‘ghost adverts’ and I have a page about them elsewhere on this blog. I failed to find a rustic old door, which I usually take a picture of but I am sure they were about. We bought some bread from a local boulangerie and there were some most impressive paintings all associated with the production of flour on the wall of the house next door.

We could have spent longer in the town. I am sure many people visit just for the church and miss the delights of the town. There are some good-looking eating establishments about. We did eat at one several years ago on a previous visit and it was very good. All the restaurants are listed on the tourist board website http://www.saintsavin.com/saintsavin.php

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I have another post on the Abbey Church which is I would suggest also worth a look.