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This is a large National Forest which is located north east of Poiters.

We visited Mouliere on a trip combined with a visit to the Pinail reserve which technically is part of the Mouliere Forest, though it is an open heathland.

White Admiral

There are large amounts of Pine plantation but there are also areas with native trees and these are obviously going to be of more interest, however in the area we visited most of the trees were fairly young, I would estimate most were under 50 years old and thus would not be so species rich.

We took a walk from the Maison de Foret, we thought it was the green circular walk but it was not. It was the very straight there and back walk. To be fair my ‘good’ wife did say at the outset that she thought we were not on the right path, Anyway it was a walk and at 2pm in the afternoon you do not expect to see much wildlife, and we did not see much wildlife. We heard a few birds and saw some interesting wild flowers and did see the White Admiral butterfly several times. There was one wild flower which I have not seen before and am having problems identifying. So if you have any ideas please let me know, I do have a wild flower identification section on this blog but this flower has got me stumped.

If you want to stand a good chance of seeing the ‘exciting’ stuff like Wild Boar then you really need to be there early in the morning or in the evening. As I said we had combined our visit with a look at the Reserve Naturelle du Pinail, which is quite interesting but again we did not see anything very spectacular.

A good site to visit is http://vienne.lpo.fr/index.php?m_id=20133