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Les Plus Beaux Villages de France

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Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (“The most beautiful villages of France“) is an independent association, created in 1982, which aims to promote assets of small and picturesque French villages of quality heritage. As of 2008, 152 villages in France have been labelled as the “Plus Beaux Villages de France”.

There are a few criteria before entering the association: the population of the village must not exceed 2,000 inhabitants, there must be at least 2 protected areas (picturesque or legendary sites, or sites of scientific, artistic or historic interest), and the decision to candidate must be taken by the town council.

Many thanks to Wikipedia. I was surprised that there were so few.

Also in Poitou Charentes there are 7 villages with this designation and they are listed below; we have now visited and produced a post on 5 of them and will get round to the last two eventually. to see what we thought and the photos we took then clik on the name of the village.