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Nest and adult

Near here there is a colony of Purple Herons, I will not say exactly where because they are quite rare and do not need disturbing.

Yesterday I took my photographic gear and set up some distance away in the cover of some bushes and small Oaks so as not to upset them. There are at least 6 nests but I can only see one part of where they are. There were some comings and goings further over so I suspect there might be at least 10 nests.

Stretching of the legs

I was hoping for some good shots but they are still incubating the eggs at the moment so not much movement. On the two nests closest to me the same bird remained at the nest for the entire time I was there which was about two and a half hours. On one nest further over and not easy  to photograph the parent birds did change over and this was accomplished quite quickly with a few squawks but no lingering for a chat.

On the two nests I was able to photograph both of the birds did get up for a brief while to ‘stretch their legs’ not that they need stretching being quite long in the first place and to give the eggs a few prods. You can just see the blue eggs in one of the photos and there are two or possibly three.

Eggs just visible

I will return in a few weeks when the eggs will have hatched and there will no doubt be a bit more activity.

A different nest adult just settling