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There are a lot of spectacular birds in this region of France.  Recently I put a post in about Hoopoes in the garden. The peace and quiet is constantly being abused by nightingales, blackcaps and chaffinches. The blackbirds are also fairly vocal but I quite like their contribution and now we have the golden orioles with their somewhat tropical contribution.

However in terms of wow factor you cannot beat the montagu’s harriers.

Montagu’s Harrier, my best shot so far!

That is the male harriers. They are almost white, or a very light grey, similar to the colour of my hair! and with dark wing tips. They are lean and fit looking, dare I say it … like myself…. grey, lean and fit? Well the  harriers are at least.

Now I have spent many hours out and about trying to get a good photo of them. I see them often when driving about, sometimes they are quite close and if only I had my camera with me then I could have got a stunning photo.  Then  I go back to the same place and wait for hours and they don’t show.

In the last three days a male montagu’s harrier has flown over the field at the bottom of the garden twice and very close to the garden. So this evening I went down to the bottom of the garden with camera, telephoto and tripod and waited and waited and nothing and then a few spots of rain and gin and tonic time had arrived so I came back to the house and prepared the  aforesaid drinks and was sat enjoying the aperitif with my wife and guess what ….. the hen harrier did a fly past really close to the bottom of the garden. In fact not just a fly past but a  circular display at the bottom of the garden.

You can imagine my response, lots of expletives and a mad dash to the bottom of the garden with camera still on tripod but all to no avail. It had gone by the time I got there.

So tomorrow and for the next few days guess where I will be.