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You know when the Nightingales have returned. They have a very distinctive song. I would not describe it as beautiful, it is not a patch on a Blackbird which in my opinion is the best.

What you can say for the Nightingale is that it is loud and a very pure sound, but it is not a song. It is a series of noises/notes but not a classical song. Maybe a bit avant- garde, more Stockhausen than Elgar.

Also they are very difficult to spot, they lurk in the undergrowth and they are brown. They are very difficult to photograph, their only redeeming feature in that respect is that they do sit in one place for a while and do their ‘song’ before moving on to another perch. This at least gives you time to get focused on them and try to adjust the light etc. Once you have done all this there is nearly always a twig or a leaf in front of at least part of them.

So here are my best shots so far…. still room for improvement.

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