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Nothing political, though I do have my views, but just to comment on the posters. What a change from the France of old! I remember that years ago when there were elections there were posters everywhere. Any flat surface was covered and there were even posters of one party on top of posters for another party.

I once saw a field of cows with posters on the side of each one…. no I exaggerate but it was almost like that. The roads were up for grabs. At night teams of people with cans of paint and paint brushes would be out slapping paint on to the roads so that driving along was like reading a book and of course long after the elections were over there were still old fading posters of the candidates all over the place.

How civilised it is now in France -well this area at least. It may be a bit hotter in Paris, Marseille or Bordeaux. Here I have only seen a few posters in non designated areas, mainly Le Pen posters, and nothing on the roads.

I was quite involved in British politics in the 1980s/90s for the Liberal Democrats. Not so sure I would be so supportive now though. One of the biggest pains of campaigning was getting the posters out. In GB you are not allowed to put posters anywhere you like and that tends not to happen. However there are no set places nicely numbered where you can stick your poster as there are now in France. No-you have to make the boards, take them out to private locations ( people’s gardens or farmers’ fields) where the owner is sympathetic to your party and will allow you to stick up a sign. Then you have to hammer it into the ground, taking care not to break the poster board in the process but at the same time making sure it is sufficiently well secured that it does not blow over at the first puff of wind. A nightmare.

The political parties in France must have been delighted when regulation of poster displays came into being.  The old pots of paint could be binned and hoards of activitsts no longer had to go out looking for cows which were half asleep and on to which posters could be slapped