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Hoopoe on the lawn.

So today I was out in the garden with my telephoto and 1.4 teleconverter, which means there is no auto focus and my hands were cold and where ever I focused the camera in readiness for a bird turning up, it turned up somewhere else.

I was trying to photograph a Redstart which in the case of the male is a stunning little bird, like a robin but orange black and white. It is a migrant and has been back in this part of France, the Vienne, for a few days now. I have heard Cuckoos for about a week now and got a good view of one yesterday. Swallows are everywhere now as are Chiffchaffs. Also I have heard my first Nightingale.

Then as I was waiting for the Redstart to oblige, which it never really did, I saw a Hoopoe.  Great and then it really obliged by searching for food on the lawn almost too close to use the telephoto!

There are so many good birds in this part of France, The one I really look forward to is the Golden Orioles, they have a very distinctive call  which is just as well because they are a sod to spot. You would think that a bird which is bright Yellow and Black would be easy to see but they blend in so well with the Oak trees, especially at this time of year when their leaves are a very yellowy green colour.