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This is a bird box which is in my neighbours garden, he is French and has several boxes around the garden and also feeds the birds on a big old up turned barrel. Am I wrong but is this not typical French behaviour?

Its so easy to knock up a bird box and then you get the pleasure of seeing a new familly of birdies in your own garden. The other box is one I made a few days ago. It probably wont be occupied this year as most birds have already commenced on nesting by now, but its there for when its needed.

You dont need to be a carpenter to construct a box, mine would not win any prizes but what are you providing? It is a substitute for a hole in a tree. So as long as its not going to fall apart then quality of build is not so important. You can get plans from various web sites but basically its six bits of wood. A top, a bottom and four sides. The size of the hole is important! If you want to prevent birds like Sparrows and Starlings using it then a small hole is required. I am not fussy and in fact Sparrows are less common in my garden than Blue tits. My neighbours box is nailed together, which means it might be difficult to get inside to clear out old nest material after several years of nesting. Mine is more upmarket, I used screws so one day I can remove one side and clear it out if required.

I will keep you posted on any occupancy, if it occurs.