Thinking about it, there is nothing which brings us Brits more together than discussing the weather. Quite a lot of us will talk about sport, about the economy, about ilnesses, but these topics are not universally popular, whereas the weather is.

So I have now included a category in this blog entitled The weather, and every so often I will add to it. Last year we had the most amazing storm/tornado. It was very local and ripped through the area, only a swathe of  about a kilometer wide but it ripped through everything, trees were up rooted, branches down tiles removed and for us it shredded the garden. However most dramatically, there were massive hail stones which smashed through the old plastic guttering leaving it full of holes and needing replacing. Well that was last year, now we have the sub zero temperatures.

It does make for some interesting photos. and i braved the cold to get some close ups of the ice crystals.