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With the recent really cold weather, you may be getting some new birds in your garden especially if you are feeding them. Feeding them is most important, a mix of fat nuts seeds etc not bread. Do not forget to keep a source of fresh water for them. This may involve you in going out into the cold several times during the day to replace it as it freezes up.

Fieldfares and Redwings often come in when the weather is bad. They are after fruit and so if you have any old apples or pears now is the time to scatter them in the garden, they will also be appreciated by the Blackbirds.

Others that could turn up are Firecrests and Goldcrests. The Firecrest is more likely in Poitou-Charentes and is the more stunning of the two. These birds are tiny, smaller even than a wren so you will probably need binoculars to really appreciate them.

You may also see some finches that are not normally around. You should get lots of Chafinches Greenfinches and Goldfinches but the one to look out for now are Bramblings. They look a bit like Chafinches but are more brown and orange in colour.