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Painted bit of wall.

I like the logo for the department of Vienne, and having a spare bit of wall my house  I decided to paint it on there.

Nut case you may say, but I think it looks OK.

Recently I sold a three-piece suite on Anglo Info (well worth a look if you have not already come across it) and the chap who bought it, English of course, asked me what that painting was on my wall. When I told him, he replied Oh yes I have seen them signs about but did not know what they meant.  This is true so it has prompted me to write this.

  • There are 27 French Regions, 22 are in France and 5 are overseas colonies.
  • Our region is Poitou-Charentes…… not Poitou-Charente.
  • It is made up of 4 departments Vienne, Deux Sevres, Charente and Charente Maritime.
  • Each department has a logo, the one for Deux Sevres has recently been changed.
  • There are 96 departments in France and each one has a number.
  • Surrounding Poitou-Charentes are 4 regions, Pays De La Loire is to the NW, Centre is to the NE, Limousin is to the E and Aquitaine is to the S. There is nothing to the West because it is the sea.
  • The numbers for our departments are Vienne, 86, Deux Sevres, 79, Charente, 16, Charente Maritime, 17.
  • The capital of Vienne is Poitiers, Deux Sevres is Niort, Charente is Angouleme and Charente Maritime is La Rochelle.
  • The president of Vienne is Claude Bertaud, Deux Sevres is Eric Gautier, Charente is Michel Boutant and Charente Maritime is Dominique Bussereau.
  • The President of Poitou-Charentes is Segolene Royal         .

There so now you know.