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New Years resolution,     I will get to  grips with this blogging mullarkey, I might be an ‘old man’ to coin an often used phrase from my lovely son but I am sure I can get my head round it.

Will I have to twitter and face book? I think so but I am not over happy about it….. fear of the unknown.

So here is a photo to go with this post. Its Civray market on a warm sunny day, why did I choose that ….because its wet cold grey and very windy here in Norfolk today and whilst it might not be much better in the Vienne I can look forward to the summer and the warmth on my back.

Update; one year later now and  I think I have got to grips with blogging, over 10,000 visitors so far also nearly 200 so called ‘friends’ on Face book,  but only just started on Twitter, thats this years task

Blue sky and warm weather.